[Q] Galaxy Note 2 or Galaxy Note 10.1 3G or Other?

Okay, so I have this idea I have been toying with. I want to get a new phone but there are other things I would like to get as well. Among these other things is a laptop and something to make it more convenient to make art. I am on a tight budget at the moment and because of this, I can't get everything all at once.

Because of its artistic capabilities, the Samsung's Note series have appealed to me. The interesting question is, with the creation of the Galaxy Note 10.1 and it's new ability to have multiple screen capabilities, I could in theory get the 3g version of the 10.1 and I would basically have a phone, a laptop, and something I could draw with. I would however have to lug around a tablet everywhere I go and will be forced to use a bluetooth device or earbuds to talk to people.

However, I visited the Microsoft store nearby and was impressed by their Surface RTs. I asked around and found out the new and upcoming Surface Pros will have a wacom digitizer in it. Along with this, it will also be able to run windows 7 programs as if it were a computer. This, however, is theorized to be released in January.

So here are the combinations I have been thinking about:

Galaxy Note 2
Laptop (I would be getting this much later)

Galaxy Note 10.1 3g

Galaxy Note 10.1 Wifi
Cheap phone

Surface Pro
Cheap phone

Basically, the big question is, will using a tablet as a phone be inconvenient enough to outweigh the benefit of consolidating all of your devices into one device. If I do, I would have to carry the tablet in a backpack or something else everywhere I go, including if I decided to go to a run at the store or dinner at some restaurant.

I also have a cheap dumb phone that I have temporarily until I get a replacement. I could just use thit as my main phone just for calls and just use a wifi tablet for all of my "smart phone" needs; I personally think it is extremely redundant and pointless to have a powerful smartphone and a tablet at the same time.

So, should I just use the traditional phone and laptop? Is using a the 3g galaxy note 10.1 too inconvenient to use a phone and an all in 1 device? Should I just use my current dumb phone and just get the wifi galaxy note 10.1? Or should I wait for Microsoft's Surface Pro and just use the dumb phone as my calls?

What are all of your thought?

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