Alcatel 5020n one touch "evolve" wifi/oom/touch tweak help?

Hello all, new here, hope this is the right place for this post...

I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find anything relevant, so maybe someone here may have some insight. To start, it is (Kingo) rooted stock ROM android 4.1.2, build M36UP61, kernel 3.4.0, just to avoid confusion... Here's the issues numbered so I can correlate answers for each:

1) WiFi will occasionally drop, but the issue is that after (I assume) 5 retries, it leaves the AP as "disabled", and I want it to never do that, like my kyocera hydro, which relentlessly retries until it gets a connection to a known AP. Essentially, to never give up on a known AP for any reason, even if having to connect at least once first. I can find nothing in build.prop or sysctl that seems to relate to this behavior, unless I missed something. Additionally, WiFi will drop despite >-72dB signal unless I am actually watching the WiFi AP settings screen for some reason. I have made minor tweaks to build.prop, however this behavior was occurring prior to rooting.

2) I am getting what appears to be OOM-related FCs (no toast ANRs, just a halt back to launcher), yet with what should be enough RAM and spare CPU at the time. This behavior also prior to rooting, and have tweaked some improvement, but it is apparently not enough. I have not messed around too much with DavlikVM settings, as it still is as intimidating as sysctl for me as a newbie at Linux. I have tried to logcat, but can't get a dump at all, it just doesn't seem to log in time. Am I looking at the wrong log?

3) Touch screen locks, and takes all hardware function with it, even just on the home screen. Hardware power and volume don't respond and touchscreen coordinates are locked in place (I have show touches enabled) with no change in anything else; game/app keeps running smoothly, but is convinced that I have frozen holding (or not holding) my touches in place. Recovers in anywhere between 15 seconds to never, requiring me to pull the battery. Persistent after factory reset (did prior to rooting), occurs only when cfq(?) governor is topped at 1001MHz regardless of CPU load. Occasionally multi touch (max 2) fails intermittently, or averages between them (hold both ends and it shows one touch in the middle).

Just to add, any way to kill autocorrect's tendency to put the wrong word in place of a correctly-spelled one in its dictionary? (Changed dictionary to functionary for no reason, both in database). Also, smaller functions drop out, like WiFi icon stops responding, autocorrect suggestions disappear at random, etc.

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