[Q] Soft Bricked Nexus 4

Hi there, first of all I need to say that I'm sorry if I started this topic in the wrong section, second of all sorry for my english. Hope that I will be undrestood.

On my Nexus 4, I was running CM 11 custom ROM, and I've heard about the brand new one named Lollipop 5.0 . I've found Mako build for that new ROM and tryed to flash it via Rom Manager (Play Store). It runned smoth without any issues even if it's just an alpha release. But one day I've checked my storage tab, seen there that almost half of entire memory it was full, and I didn't had than just a few low space requiered apps. I tough about it and I realised that Lollipop ROM was installed OVER CM 11, of course not the ROM by itself but even if it wiped all data before to install the Lollipop, all junk stuff from CM 11 remain there.
So i wanted to reinstall a fresh copy of that Lollypop by using Nexus Toolkit.
Things would have been fine if my computer suddenly restarted while processing the flashing ROM, right after it wiped everything or something like that. Bad luck, huh?
So now I've got a soft bricked Nexus 4, where bootloader apparently still works but without recovery wich now it's replaced by and android dead icon and over that big red triangle, and when pressing the correct combination of volume + power buttons should give me fastboot, instead of that I'm stuck on "Download Mode". One more thing I forgot to mention, If I'll boot up device and run straight without pressing nothing, it will pop out the Google loading screen and it will stuck there, doing nothing.

I've read many threads about how to unbrick devices. Still got no answer because they refer at other soft brick posibilities, that includes pushing backups or what requires to simply flash them by fastboot or ADB, the problem here is that those posibilities will be great if I CAN get acces to my phone, what that means is I cannot run "USB debugging" to get my device being recognized by computer in this dead stage. Even my drivers are installed and "Download Mode" is active where should, as I read, grant me the acces to device even if it's not waked up completely. And second option to unbrick it leads me to the recovery mode (wich is dead) and restore from there a previous backup, and even if I had access to it, I DON'T have a backup.

So the big question for you guys about this annoying mishap: "Is there still a possibility to push files from computer to device, or I need to visit an authorized service?"

Thank you in advance. Peace.

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