GPS vs Track IMEI vs Track Number vs Triangulation

Hello expert Androiders! I'm feeling my way around a the excellent Google find my phone functions - but wish to enhance performance and reliability. Can you help me understand how best to use a permanently installed/ powered Smartphone as a Car Tracker Device? I'm installing it as an always-on (hidden inside car with hard wired 12v - and with an Anker Powercore battery). I have a Moto G4 and have checked its GPS satellite performance (which is fine) but I am conscious it needs reasonable line of sight (though I've read there is some signal bounce). My questions are as follows: a) is the optimum location for the hidden Smartphone and battery inside under the boot floor/ outside on the underside arch/ chassis/ underneath the rear (plastic) bumper - or somewhere else...; b) is an external GPS of real net benefit eg Garmin GLO BT - and if so, would it be better sited above a parcel shelf for strong signal (and, is Glonass worthwhile - in this context); c) is there an APP/ method to track (independently of the GPS signal - ie by IMEI/ SIM number/ by Phone number/ Triangulate (if the GPS were lost/ blocked)? THANK YOU for your expertise and kind assistance!

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