Tailor made conservatory

Tailor made

Every conservatory Surrey Conservatories makes is tailor made to suit you and your home. This means you have a comprehensive choice of colours and components to create exactly the look that suits you, your house, and your lifestyle.

Our designer will work with you to create a conservatory that will harmonise with the surroundings of your home and garden, and refine the design with you until it meets all your needs and your budget.

UPVC conservatory


The most common finish because it is tough, durable and maintenance free. There is a choice of many UPVC finishes, the main four being: white, golden oak wood grain, rosewood wood grain and white wood grain But there are now a host of other UPVC wood grain finishes to choose from, and if that weren't enough, you van have it sprayed any colour you wish. The wood grain effect is created using a synthetic surface layer that is difficult to distinguish from real wood.

You can also choose to mix your finishes, with a different finish on the inside to the outside. This allows the style you want inside whilst having the outside match other windows in the house.

timber conservatory


If you are a fan of the look and feel or real wood then we can offer a range of choices that caters for all tastes. To create the elegance and luxury of solid wood, we offer a conservatory where the sides and roof beams are built in hardwood, whilst the exterior trim on top of the roof is in colour matched aluminium. This minimises maintenance on the higher, more difficult to reach surfaces. The interior and exterior can be colour matched to any colour of your choice using the RAL colour system.

The wooden frames and roof timbers are constructed using hardwood. The wood is pre treated to any finish or colour you require prior to construction so there are no surfaces left untreated leaving the conservatory totally protected from the elements.



For a more contemporary look, then you need to search no further. Our aluminium framed conservatories can be painted in almost any colour to match your existing decoration or blend in with the surroundings. Alternatively use colour to create a striking architectural feature added to the house.

The paint is powder coated onto the frame after construction which means you get a superb durable finish with no areas of blemish or imperfection. Aluminium frames provide the strongest and most durable option, and will add value and style to your property for many years without the need for maintenance.