replacement conservatory

Skilled craftsmen

When it comes to replacing your old conservatory, it takes skill and experience to get the new replacement to fit neatly on your existing base. Surrey Conservatories have got many customers who are delighted with their brand new model, a testament to the skill of our installers.

Since all of our conservatories are made bespokely we can match any shape, any size, and any design. We have even added to an existing conservatory and changed the shape with the replacement. We can produce a tailor made replacement conservatory designed around you and your requirements.

conservatory replacement

Advantages of Conservatory Replacements

Using the new high tech glass for the roof means both the conservatory and the adjoining rooms in the house are much brighter. Many old conservatories were built with polycarbonate roofs which don't let in as much light as glass.

The glazing on both the side wall windows and the roof can be extra high insulation keeping you warm in winter and allowing you to use the conservatory all year round.

Stay cool in summer! We use industry leading technology in the roof glass with a special solar filter keeping out as much as 83% of the sun's heat.... that will keep you cooler in summer even if your conservatory is in full sun!

no more leaks!

No more leaks!

The modern conservatory system is designed to withstand much more severe weather. The specially shaped rafters carry away any drips to the outside. Rain on the outside stays on the outside!